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Daily Reflection

~ 25 February ~

The cost of happiness?

“You cannot at the same time be the slave of God and money.”  - Jesus is not criticising ownership of things. Rather, it is a question of our attitude towards them, having our lives controlled by them and being unable to share them with those in real need.

We’re invited to reflect on what are our most basic values in life. Is it just what we want to have or is it what we most want to be? Is it about making a living or making a life? Is it a matter of getting what we have not got or sharing with others what we have, however little it may seem to be? Are there other values, other more precious qualities; like happiness, peace, freedom, contentment, wonderful friends, a supportive family?

God of Life, help us not be enslaved by out positions. Let experience the true and lasting happiness of a life in relationship with you and with those I share my life with.

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