Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I come to ask the help of your Divine Son. Please pray to him for my mum, please let the medication she has to take for her heart and her bloods make her well. Please heal the fibrillation in her heart so that it beats normally and pumps the blood round the body normally so that she does not have a heart attack or heart failure or weaken her heart. Please let the medication heal her bloods so the she does not have a stroke, please don’t let her get any blood clots anywhere in her body, please don’t let her have a stroke. Please let there be no clots or bleeds in her brain, no bleeding in her eyes let her eyes be clear, no bleeding from her nose, or ears. Please let her urine be clear and there be no blood in her stool. Please let her blood pressure be normal and there be no cellulitis in her legs and body. Please open up her airways so that she can breathe with ease and heal the pain in her neck. She has dementia which I have noticed her memory in getting worse, please help her memory, please heal her make he well. Please heal the moles and irritation underneath my Dads arms; please let them not be cancerous. Please let his nose, throat, voice box, oesophagus, chest, lungs be clear let there be no disease or cancer, let his phlegm be clear. Let his blood pressure be normal and heal his toes. I know I am a miserable sinner and I am not worthy, but I come before you humble and sincere in hope that you will whisper my prayers into your Sons ear and kiss his sweet cheek for me and I beg that my prayers are heard. Please heal my blood pressure let it be normal and my anxiety which I am suffering more with and the dizziness I am totally stressed out. My Brother suffers from depression and he feeling down at the moment, please be with him and help him I am worried. PLEASE HELP ME AMEN